Pretty Good Not Bad presents Xiu Xiu

Pretty Good Not Bad presents:

Xiu Xiu with Joanne Pollock and Antwood

Xiu Xiu
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Jamie Stewart (b1978) is from Los Angeles, California. In 2002 he began the musical group Xiu Xiu and started to waste his life.
Xiu Xiu draws upon musical traditions of British post punk, 20th century classical, industrial noise, experimental and traditional percussion musics, 50s rock and roll, field recordings, queer dance pop and kosmische musik.

Joanne Pollock
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Joanne Pollock uses her unique attentiveness to detail to weave intricate electronic fantasies. Lush vocal melodies permeate her tracks, creating mythical dreamscapes with a "presence that demands to be heard" (Impose) and that are "serene, peaceful, hypnotizing, and hooky" (Noisey).

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Antwood is the alias of Tristan Douglas, a Canadian electronic music producer. Under the moniker "Margaret Antwood," Douglas' 2015 EP "Work Focus" was listed in Vogue's best music of 2015. In 2016 Antwood's debut album Virtuous.scr was released by Planet Mu. Virtuous.scr, which explored themes of artificial intelligence and robot ethics, was featured in Resident Advisor's top recommendations as well as The Wire.

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Saturday, May 19th
Doors at 6pm
Upstairs Cabaret, 19+
$20 advance / $25 at the door

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