9:00PM Friday, 18 May, 2018 PST/PDT  at  CragX Climbing Gym, 769 Pandora Ave, Victoria, BC
PGNB Pyramid // Indigo

Pretty Good Not Bad presents:

Pyramid // Indigo with 1000 Petal Lotus, Laine Butler & Arya Hawker

Pyramid // Indigo
Bandcamp / Facebook
Pyramid//Indigo’s lush ambient soundscapes are reminiscent of cassette tapes unspooling into the abyss. The duo’s live show is an experimental trip into the void, combining traditional & noise guitar atmospherics with live drones and layers of piano haze that are narcotically hypnotic.

1000 Petal Lotus (Victoria, BC)
Soundcloud / Bandcamp

Zane Coppard’s 1000 Petal Lotus project leans heavily on multi-artist collaborations as well as experimentation with sound. The project is dedicated to creating synergy through sourcing unlike samples, melodies and rhythms to create something bold and powerful. The 1000 petals of a lotus translate to all the ways that experience can be interpreted. Keeping perspective and potential the core values of the project, the outcome is something unpredictable that cannot be limited to any one genre.

Laine Butler & Arya Hawker (Vancouver, BC)
Website/ http://www.behance.net
Laine Butler is a Vancouver artist working in sound, visual performance and commercial art. Named as one of "BeatRoute’s 6 New Forms Festival 2016 must-see acts", Laine has toured the BC festival circuit VJing for numerous artists at Shambhala Music and Art Festival and at Bass Coast’s legendary Slay Bay stage.

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