7:00PM Monday, 18 June, 2018 PST/PDT  at  Interactivity Board Game Cafe
General Nerdledge: MCU Trivia

The General Nerdledge team returns with a Pub Quiz about the MCU.

We are back again at the Interactivity Cafe. Seven rounds of questions on the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU for those in the know), ranging from easy to tough; looking at the story lines, the heroes, the villians, and just a little bit about the making of the films as well.

Amy Culliford will be your host; so there'll be mini games as well to keep things moving along. Prizes of $50 and $25 vouchers to the winners.

Dress up and cosplay encouraged.

$10 per person, bring your own team of 2-6. We might be able to find you a team, but no guarantees.

Subject matter: The 19 films in the MCU timeline, from Iron Man to Avengers Infinity War . This does not include the TV franchises, the comics or other earlier works BUT it's probably questions about the making off the films may help to have knowledge of things in the real universe. Like actors, directors, etc.... Teams from 2 - 6 (though you can run it solo, if you want). $10 ticket includes your stay and play fee to game afterwards.